a cityscanner that shoots at you. much like the ceiling camera that was tured into a ceiling turret.

some1 respond.

dont be stupid. Download npc welder and weld an turret on a scanner, duh

Cool story bro.

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This is not a request forums. Use the npc welder instead.

the npc welder doesnt work. anyway, im asking someone to make an npc that goes in the spawn list


okay dude if you have wire mod you can do the whole ranger thing connected to a turret on the front so when it gets close it blinds and shoots you(OWNED) and advanced duplicate it. wait a sec if its a npc i guess you cant duplicate, can you? idk just a thoght. besides isn’t 1 enough owng that you don’t need minges spaming these on the map.

it would only be cool for roleplay with an npc limit

I hope you’re kidding. You don’t need NPC welder for that.

wait, wire ranger? what are you talking about? how do you do this? it sounds like it could work

  1. spawn a scanner.
  2. freeze it
  3. open the wire tab
  4. select turret and set it to your likings
  5. place the turret on the scanner
  6. select the ranger from the detection section of your wire tab and ajust its settings to your liking(make sure it ignores world and water)
  7. place the ranger as close to the turret as you can.
  8. wire the turret’s “fire” to the ranger’s “distance” that way when the ranger detects the distance of something the turret will fire.

If the turret and ranger whiegh too much for the scanner then set their wieght to one with the whieght stool

thank you. now, how do i put i timer so it shoots after blinding you?

you can’t (as far as i know) but it all happens at the same time any way. you could change the range to about the same as as far away as it hovers in front of you. still would be a lil buggy but what in gmod isn’t?

You could put the ranger and use debugger to tell the distance then wait till it flashes and remember what the number is and use a comparison less than the number and wire the comparison to the ranger and turret input to the ranger output.