City World Moved To NutScript?


I thought I should get some advice here. If you haven’t heard about my gamemode(WIP) then here’s a link:

My friend strongly suggested I move to NutScript. As you all know, NutScript is extremely customizable and easy to get the hang of, also very realistic looking.
There will be Positives and negatives to this.

-Better looking Gamemode
-More realism
-Looks more custom
-A better experience
-Easier to dev on

-All or most work to date is incompatible
-Waste of the months spent on development
-Will take longer to complete
-May take a while to get used to
-Looks very similar to Half-Life 2 RP’s
-A lot of dev’s already use this.

Please give your opinion. It could help a lot. Please give no hate.

I didn’t notice your old thread, but while i was going through it i just said to myself: wow.
You already have soo much, and so cool stuff! Your gamemode would be a reason for me to return to roleplaying in GMod.


  • Better looking: Why? Your VGUI seems okay, and you would probabbly spent less time making it prettier than switching to NutScript.
  • More realism: Please elaborate :smiley:
  • Looks more custom: Why? Why would NutScript make it “look” more custom?
  • A better experience: How?
  • Easier to dev on: Is it worth spending days, maybe 1-2 weeks converting your stuff and then work with NutScript? Imagine what you could do in the time you save.


  • Incompatibility: You are absolutetly right, you have to rewrite almost everything!
  • Waste of development time: Right again, PLUS the time you have to convert everything!
  • Longer to complete: yep.
  • Getting used to: you probabbly have your own base right now that you know perfectly
  • Looks similar to HL2 RP: well i disagree here :S
  • Used alot: What?! That is actually a positive point: It means you can get help from the community and that it has already proven itself.

I suggest you keep working on your current code!

Okay thank you for your reply!

I appreciate the friendliness. I guess you have a point, I should stick to my own for now.

I will explain these points.

  • Better looking: I mean the UI looks stunning on NutScript. Sure as hell beats mine.

  • More realism: I love the fact that you can fall over, regain unconsciousness, etc. I do have my own unconscious system that are along the same levels so your probably right about not bothering.

-Looks more custom: NutScript has changed everything such as the scroll menu, Tab menu and has its own intro. I wouldnt want this looking like aany old gamemode.

-A better experience: People will enjoy the added realism, better UI, etc. However, mine also has features that are very enjoyable, so forget this point. My bad.

-Easier to dev: NutScript is very easy to work on. But your absolutely right. Not worth it in my opinion.

-Incompatibility: -Point proven

-Waste of development time: -Point proven

-Longer to complete: -Again, Point proven.

-Getting used to: For me, as simple something may be, it always takes time learning. The only reason I didn’t use NutScript is because I didn’t know lua at the time of starting the project (Dumb, I know) but learned along the way of developing.

-Looks similar to HL2 RP: If you play CW:HL2-RP you will see what I mean. I almost thought NutScript as a whole was just ClockWorks when i first came across it. Just my opinion.

-Used alot: I’m a fussy bell-end that wants to be complete custom. I’d never steal idea’s and wouldnt want my gamemode mixed up with HL2-RP, like I first did with NS. Thats a stupid reason, correct but I’m just like that.

Thank you for your reply, helped a lot.
I will consider it maybe when the gamemodes in BETA.

If you want something that isn’t over the top, you may want to take a look at my dev base. Or the dev-base addon ( when I release it ). Basically just a bunch of added features; I’m steering my dev base to a slightly new direction so that there’ll be a games or gamemodes dir that will house the active game-mode so all of the base files will be loaded first, then the game-mode files will be injected so they can be added/removed on the fly ( think fretta but allows different game-modes to be loaded / unloaded without changing the map ).

But, right now some of the useful features would be never needing to use include/AddCSLuaFile because of the autoloader, a loadgm console command plus other console commands, plus new hooks, etc. Networking system is almost done and will be uploaded soon. Managed lists, and more on the way.

Here are the links, and information. Mine would only require moving the data into a different folder structure, but from there adding / editing is very straight-forward. If you haven’t coded an autoloader, take a look at mine and look at the documentation folder ( going to remove most of that in one of the next updates and replace it with an automatic MD wiki creator for every added function ).

Useful Programs ( SteamCMD, Autosizer, Desktops, Process Explorer ) and Notepad++ Upgrades

Acecool Dev Base Skeletonized Base Game-Mode ( Never worry about Include or AddCSLuaFile ever again; comes with New Hooks, Console Commands, Meta-Table Objects, Helper Functions, Extended Functionality, and more! )

acecooldev_base Addon - All of the features above, but packaged as an addon. [ COMING SOON ]

You know, Acecool, I’m pretty sure people would actually consider using you’re tools if the code was understandable, and not filled with underscores. You should maybe reconsider the names of you’re tools aswell. They just sound wrong to be honest.

What do you mean in terms of the tool naming?? Provide some feedback and maybe changes will get implemented. As for the coding style, it is my coding standard.

Acecool, would you allow me to rewrite the dev base in another coding style and keep it up to date as best as I can?

EDIT: Done.

Add me on Steam, we can talk about it.

Thanks for derailing the thread completely guys.

No one even cares about this shitty thread.

If you don’t care about it, why would you waste your time posting that. -_-