City World RP

This thread is out-dated and will no longer be updated. There is too much to add here as a simple “Update” so I’ll just make a new thread as soon as I’m finished.

City World RP is a Realistic Role playing gamemode without any bullshit.
Please take your time to check this post out. Thanks :smiley:

Before you ask, No there is no server up yet.
I will post when there is. Also not selling it in it’s Current state. Maybe when it gets popular and I move to NutScript. Then I will consider selling.

With my recent changes:
-The crafting table has been removed and replaced with a player crafting menu in the F4 menu. A bit like PERP (Not copying)
-There is a 15% done phone system. Link:
-A huge garage system similar to this one I made: (NOTE: THIS ISNT THE ONE USED ON CWRP. The mechanics are the same but the VGUI is a lot more different. )

ALSO FORGOT A SECTION: Added the character menu!



-Saves all stats including: Clothes, Money, Skills, Cars, etc
-Unique and somewhat realistic (and silly) crafting system
-Collecting resources such as Wood and Iron
-Counterfeiting Licences
-Licence and C:ID readers for Police
-Somewhat unique Jail System (Similar to PERP. Even though I hate PERP.)
-Character thoughts and Happiness ( Fun Fact: Only gamemode to include this is mine )
-Creativity :smiley:

-Getting kicked for crossing High Way (PERP-Heads)
-No moody admins (PERP-Heads)
-No spawning with Guns (DarkRP)
-Rules can be read by pressing F1 instead of having them in a useless MOTD (DarkRP)
-No FING Gun trader jobs that spawn guns!*
-(My biggest hatred of all time) No big ass F4 menu that lets you buy anything you may well please. NPC’s sell everything.
-No CoderHire Bull-S**t (Most DarkRP servers…)
-No magically changing player model. You keep the same face. (You will change clothes if you change jobs but keep the same face)

I think that’s about it. Okay then, moving on…


  1. Character Creation
  2. HUD and In-Game Time
  3. Skills System
  4. Crafting
  5. Mayor
  6. Death and Unconsciousness
  7. NPC’s
  8. Police and Jail
  9. Jobs
  10. Cards and ID
  11. Credits and Help

Don’t bother asking for admin.

The downsides of adding everyone.

|Character Creation

When you first join, you’ll be prompted to load or create a new character. A menu like this will pop up.


(This is all I will show of this for now)

HUD and In-Game Time

This right here is the HUD. The Time at the top is synced with day and night system.
The time is the Same on everyone’s screen and the Mayor can even set Curfews.
There isn’t much more to say really…

Moving on…

Skills System

Each skill is unique and helpful.
(Please note more skills will be added in future :smiley: )

Crafting- The only way of obtaining guns is by crafting them. This skill is the most useful and important (See Crafting for more info )

Stamina- If you look at the HUD you will see your stamina. This skill determines how much you can run before being out of breath.
You upgrade this by running. This is not as useful as the other Skills but can be a pain in the ass if you don’t have a car.
Stamina also affects the amount of hits you can do with a melee weapon. Swinging a heavy weapon gets you tired quick.

Fire-Arms- This determines which guns you can craft. You will need to meet both Crafting and Fire-Arms skills that weapon requires
to craft it. You are more accurate with guns with a high Fire-Arms skill.

Melee- The higher this is the more damage you will do with a melee weapon. This also effects which melee weapons you may craft.
just like guns, melee weapons also need you to meet the required crafting skill as well as the required melee skill.

Strength- The amount of damage you do with punches. (In future it will determine how much you can carry.)
For now that’s all this does.


You MUST craft all the guns. You can not buy them from NPC’s. There is no Job that allows you to buy them.
You may however make your own guns and open a store and sell them. (This can only happen if Gun stores are legal. You can sell them illegally however)

This is the Crafting Bench
Now then. Lets try craft a First Aid Kit.

As you can see, I don’t meet the required level :frowning:
Now say we got our Crafting up…

We now need the materials.

There we go! We made our Med Kit since we meet the required level and have the materials!

Levels aren’t the only things needed…
You will need the materials. They can be bought from NPC’s or you could cut down a tree and mine a iron ore.


The mayor has access to a ton of stuff such as setting Curfews ETC

The button to set a Curfew in the Mayors Tab

What time the curfew should be set for…

And finally, the Curfew is set and all players will have this pop up on their screens!
Note that I only spawned that Trader to buy a crafting Table.

Death and Unconsciousness

Please Watch this video as this is something you have to SEE instead of being shown pictures.



So here is an example of an NPC. The Clothes Shop!

Police and Jail

Police play a HUGE role in City World.
They keep the streets safe and what not.

Police are equipped with a gun, handcuffs, gun licence reader, player searcher and a badge.
After a player is handcuffed, they must follow the officer to the PD. They will automatically be put in a cell.
However… there are situations that not even the normal officers can handle alone. Say Bank Robberies…

That’s when these guys come in.

They can only be called in when its serious.


Jobs consist of these so far:

-Unemployed (Not really a job)
-Police Officer
-Police Chief
-Mafia Member
-Secret Service
-Mafia Leader
-Self Employment (Mining, Owning a Shop etc )
-Spec Ops
-Spec Ops Sniper
-Security Guard

These are just jobs you can get for money. You can earn money any way you wish but please note Jobs provide the most fun way of earning it.

Cards and ID

When you buy a gun Licence its a physical item

Police can use the Checker to check the validity of the Licence.
If its fake then police can confiscate it and throw you in prison.

Every Citizen has a C:ID (Citizen: ID) which can be examined just like Licences.
Its unique to everyone.

At the moment these can’t be counterfeited but I will add it for an update.

That’s all guys! Please give me support by giving your opinion (nothing bad) and rating. If your not interested please do not
give negative feedback as it only puts me off. This is a Work In-Progress.

11) Updates!

Character Menu

This is where you can see your:

Happiness can be brought up by having money, thoughts are random.
You can smoke to get your happiness up temporarily.

Police Computer

So to get hold of a Police:ID you must become a cop. Your C:ID then turns into a P:ID and you can log onto the
Police Database. As soon as you quit, your P:ID will convert back to a C:ID…

NPC Drug Dealer

Election System

When running for Mayor, you make a Promise. This promise will be displayed below your name when the votes pop up.
Here’s an example me and Nicolaj made:

Soon to come:

-Demo of Erection System
-Police Road Block Demo



HUGE thanks to Boxama (FacePunch: Internet1001) for all the help with errors. Without him I would
be way further behind in terms of work done. Again, cheers bud! ( Main Dev )
CommyPeter( SQLite/Stat Saving )
-hg- Arken( GFX Design )

A lot of Help

Boxama (Known Internet1001 on FacePunch)

A big Help


Slight Help

A few Facepunch users

Help will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to contribute please add me on steam.

Extra Notes (Mostly Crap)

-Been getting a recommendation to use NutScript. Too late now. Besides, its overused anyway.
I sorta like and hate Chessnut for making NutScript. It MAY look good but many gamemodes will
then look like a DUPE of Half-Life 2 RP. That’s just my OPINION.

-Make sure to join our Steam group!

Crafting bench was on coderhire/script fodder.

And are you even going to release it.It is section for releasing not for advertising.

Updated it. Got rid of that.

No server ip.

Its a work in progress :slight_smile:
I will put up a server as soon as its done.

All I see is a not so good hud, coderhire scripts & perp edited.

As in 2 edited ones? I did mention that. You could argue similarities to PERP but that’s your opinion.
I did also put if you have nothing good to say just don’t comment at all.

Remember this is all the work of 1 person

You should consider redesigning your entire cityworldrp the designs & colors do not work well together.

VGUI is temporary. I will consider that once everything else is finished

Love it :v:

I changed the crafting table to one of my own.

Are you going to release this or…?

Eventually. I hope. Money is veeerrryyyy tight so I thought I’d put it up on a server, maybe get donations then release it.

You can’t release it if you modified the coderhire scripts, bud.

Crafting table from CoderHire is gone and replaced with my own.

Just lock this thread before you get banned.And yes you cannot share a gamemode that contains paid scripts “does not matter if it is edited or not. and i dont think you edited it.”

And yeah.Go to games in progress if you wanna “advert”.

I’m not going to share it. The crafting table from CoderHire is gone. I won’t get banned because I haven’t done anything wrong retard. Don’t bother commenting again. -Looks like fine to me -.-

If you are not going to share it then close/lock this thread this thread doesnt belongs gamemode/addon “RELEASES” -This is the thing you made wrong.

So yeah.Just get over with it and make a post on games in progress

Are you stupid?

I said I REMOVED that. I’m not releasing it at the moment because its not DONE. I Moved it to WIP.

Cant wait til its released!
Great job dude!