City28 District 13

Gho$t has released a new roleplay map for the upcoming E2RP gamemode.

The map features:

[li]A train station
[/li][li]Combine nexus
[/li][li]Power control station
[/li][li]Rations offices
[/li][li]A checkpoint
[/li][li]Wrecked trains
[/li][li]Fairly open spaces for building
Screenshots:[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]
Download Here


Reminds me the TacoNBanana’s city 8 maps.

Very nice work.

A small but very beautiful map.

Thanks, and by he way I am Gho$t. He’s just a admin posting for me. Have fun with the map.

What is it with all the “City X District Y” maps around these days?


The sidewalks need actual corners at the intersection.


A little small don’t you think?

Other than that it is a good map!

I was the first :frowning:

Theres only 3 I know of only 2 released, now discuss the map please.

There appears to be an odd trend of posting “friends” maps recently…makes it a bit confusing as to who we should be complaining at.

This map is small, but really detailed keep the good work up!

No silly, You’re roleplay world.

No on steam my name is Gho$t, I made this map prove it.

Then why not register as your steam alias.

Too many people on my clan would annoy me or call me canadafag, I like my facepunch alias too, oh well back on critiquing the map


Might look at the map later though.


I’m Gho$t just lemme get the old steam page