Third part of my custom city6 story. It’s some of my best work.

Some screenshots in the thread would be nice.

It’s not bad at all, but I wouldn’t call it good (from an art perspective, haven’t tried it out)

For starters, the lighting is kind of bland. Your sun casts a really dark ambient and a dark light; which means you need to make up for that in local lights (signs, street lamps, that kind of thing. Look at rp_c18)

Secondly, your brush stuff is fairly flat. Buildings are standard walls with textures, and a lot of rooms are just rooms and hallways. Try adding stuff like trim, or maybe vary the textures a bit so it’s not so monotone and flat.

Thank you for the advice, I’ve been looking everywhere for a video that explained how to make good looking areas. :smiley:

-disable shadows (and possibly collisions) on the trash piles
-try to make buildings a bit less blocky, add detail with brushes like columns, trims, and balconies
-3d skybox