City_Sprint Release soon

The release of my map City_Sprint will be about July 30th give or take. What is City_Sprint its concept is

similar to mirrors edge jumping from buildings , climbing up pipes , grabbing ledges, and at the same time

cops are shootin at you. Hope you enjoy it when it releases. Please spread the word about this map.

Please comment.

I took some pictures on my bro’s computer his graphics are really good.

You couldn’t wait 2 days to post this, what?

Hmm I could post it now but i need the word spread that its going to release because I want lots of downloads. so… spread the word please lol.


why is this dumb?

so like gm_city_freerun except not original?

oh yah just to let you know I asked dosycool if he minded and he played and he says it’s cool. in all honesty.


you do know gm_city_freerun is based COMPLETELY off of mirror’s edge right?


then how is it not original neither is cityfreerun

How about you post some pictures with your thread, since it’s so close to release.

He did get my permission :slight_smile:

And Gm_City_Freerun isn’t completely based off Mirror’s Edge. Just the free running and clean bright textures.


my graphics suck

So you’re telling me that I can play this on a good computer and it will look like Mirror’s Edge?

I don’t care if your video card is from 1974, it doesn’t give you an excuse to not compile a map with VRAD, let alone VVIS, which you obviously haven’t done either of. There is zero detail in the map, just a sea of crap dev textures and eye searing fullbright.

I optimized the map and compiled it with vrad and vvis.


not as nice as mirrors edge that would be crazy. also im sorta new at lighting


but still it would look good and its fun.

You are either:

A) Trolling.
B) Stupid.

In any case, I’m not going to bother anymore.

Look now this is what it will look like if u have good graphics.

It will look like an non-descriptive post that lacks an example?

It’ll look like mirrors edge he stated, stop trolling and be helpful.

not bad not bad Fix up the lighting a Bit and BAM i’ll sure as hell play

Lower the lightmap scale on some of those buildings to get nicer shadows.