My map city_Sprint has released!!!(earlier than I planned too) What is City_Sprint its concept is

similar to mirrors edge jumping from buildings , climbing up pipes , grabbing ledges, and at the same time

cops are shootin at you. Hope you enjoy it when it releases. Please spread the word about this map. fixed the link sorry about that.

download it here -

Please comment.

O looks nice, will give it a try.

Nice map downloading. I’m downloading your Dr Pepper Physgun (I’m Dr Pepper on here).

haha cool thanks for the downloads!

It’s like Mirror’s Edge but without the bloom
Which is good

I’m addicted to these maps. It looks like the original freerun and that was an awesome map.

I’m aware that there is one sort of buggy pipe I’m trying to fix it.

Not bad but the textures are a bit plain.

Yeah , I was sort of going for a plain different world look.

The lighting is pretty dark for the skybox. And the textures could use some variation.

Lower the lightmap scale on some of the walls to give it less of a blocky lightmap effect. But don’t go overboard, because it will increase filesize quite a bit.

Lighting is blargh. Other than that looks good. :wink:

Jesus christ, did you compile this with VRAD on fast? This is quite horrible. :saddowns:

No I didn’t why?

Take off the dev textures and put in real textures, fix those fucking horrid lightmaps, and add some props laying around, etc, because this looks like it was done in like, an hour.

an hour?!?!?! Are you kidding its a pretty big map lots of detail.

This looks awesome! Will download.

Bang up the lightmap scale and if it takes too long to compile then just get your friends to help you using this>
This will allow you to get you friends to help you out with the mass of lighting calculations!
It works a dream for me!