CityLife - The Way forward In Roleplay.


You may be wondering what CityLife is, well citylife will be a roleplay gamemode, not a darkrp edit based on… city life. There will be your usual day in CityLife but this will slowly change under the sheer power of gmod players. The gamemode will adapt to your playing time, kills, movement, deaths and chat.

Lets take John and Jill as examples, John spends all his time killing people and running around, never dieing because he has the biggest guns. And Jill spends her time talking to people, walking around and playing for long times. Slowly John’s gun prices will raise untill eventually he loses the ability to buy guns where as Jill’s chat spam timer will decrease and she will get a faster running speed along with other bonuses.

There will be a wide range of jobs available to players via administration granting you access or from a job centre. You will have to have certain ranks, play times and other qualifications to get a job.[/release]

[release]Feature List

[li]Ingame Job adding[/li][li]Repsect Needed for jobs[/li][li]Qualifications[/li][li]Gun building[/li][li]Food/Hunger[/li][li]Forum Linking[/li][li]V.I.P[/li][li]Customizable salery per player[/li][li]Titles[/li][li]Economy - Changes depending on real time status[/li][li]School/Education[/li][li]Nice Menus[/li][li]Custom HUD[/li][li]Toilet system[/li][li]Perks[/li][li]Factory/Product Producing[/li][li]Mass industry[/li][li]illegal trades[/li][/ul]


The Logo
Yes, i know i didnt make it. I have better things to worry about, like the gamemode

How long will this take?
Due to gscses soon this will take along time

What, where, when! Yes, im knew to lua so i though this would be a good way to start

Do i need any help?

Can i get some extra info
Yes, you can pm me.

Will there be added features?
Of course i will add more features other than the ones above

Public or private?
This will be private till it gets leaked. Then we spoil there fun by releasing it public.

Omg DarkRP!
no, Just No! If you wanna flame go somewhere else

Its pk owner! or is it noodle man or…
I Have 1 account and that is Infinity1995 (Others are banned) so if you wanna moan at me, make a thread in oify.


The First Menu

Registration menu

Finished registration system



Inital Thread - 27 October 09
-Thread Created
-Derma Menus Started
-The basics

Inital Thread - 31 October 09
-Started registration system
-Started door system

Lots of work has been done - 28 January 10
Lots of things have been done and are being kept secret


Anything else you may need, just ask.

Sounds nice, but how are you gonna make it work? Also, wouldn’t that need quite a lot of data storage space? :3

Again, how are you planning to create the economy and education? They sound a bit too complicated :smiley:

Okay… so you’re new to Lua, and already planning The Most Biggest Gamemode Ever [sic].

And even to complete it within 6 months? Alone? I don’t think so, sorry.
Just my opinion, though. Maybe if you work real hard on this.

How about I ask here? Good, since I already did.

WHAT? You have barely started and are already planning more than that?

Not a chance, this doesn’t even vaguely resemble DarkRP :smiley:

Answers, please :slight_smile:

Im really tiered, been working since 6 this morning so im off to bed, ill post pics tommorow


And i wouldnt say the biggest gamemode ever, just a really big one.


Night night all. Back to the old fashion pen and paper, i’m going to draw some more derma whilst in bed.

Another RP ? Gah… maybe this will be worth playing without getting bored :smiley:

What do you mean maybe!

gm tower took 3 years just to get on tracks of playability

with a full team

6 months for 1 person yeah right, and not knowing lua? I’d say take 8 years and you might have a functioning city life beta

The first picture. No where near done


Im going go karting today so i wont be back till about 6.00pm

Quite honestly, the features he’s proposing arn’t that hard to implement.

As long as he stays committed, and doesn’t mind copy & paste, he could easily finish it within 6 months, he does need to sacrifice his social life a bit however.

[li]Ingame Job adding

Useless, but all you need to do is make your class/job system able to load on demand.

[li]Repsect Needed for jobs

When trying to get a job, check how much their respect is.


Just a bunch of data…

[li]Gun building

Should use an inventory system, like itemforge, then just check if the player has the items, then remove the old items and replace em with new ones.


Just a number, and things that make the number go down.

[li]Forum Linking

The first ‘hard to do’ feature. Just practice a bit with MySQL and you will get the hang of it quickly. Having the forums access the player database is probably better than the game messing with the forum database.

Will require a bit of php and MySQL.


Intergrating this with forums isn’t even that hard. Get the forums to have a steamid option in the profile section, and when a player joins, check if a steamid is there, if so, check if they’re VIP.

[li]Customizable salery per player

Just data.


Just data.

[li]Economy - Changes depending on real time status

A bit of maths. Real time, in the world isn’t that hard either. Just a bit of maths.


Just data.

[li]Nice Menus

Takes artistic skill to design a great interface. Make your own good derma skin and most of your work is done. Texturing and stuff like that is a bit harder, but still not that hard once you get the hang of it.

[li]Custom HUD

Just a few boxes with bars in em. Build it in a modular way, so that you can view changes instantly, and your development will be much easier.

[li]Toilet system

Just dirty, dirty data. Have fun with particles.


More data.

[li]Factory/Product Producing
[/li][li]Mass industry

Don’t exactly know what this implies. Having factories in game where people can work is an interesting idea.

[li]illegal trades

Crime in roleplay is usually: murder, durgz, alcohol.

Good luck!

I think its great that your doing this.
This sounds really complicated but I guess that if you have it in you, you should be able to make it.
Good luck!

Thansk for the good word. Im going to get my lua skills better at first by making derma menus


Looks interesting. Should try making your own Logo though.

I doubt you will be able to finish it in 6 Months without a team as your new to Lua. But… Good Luck.

Looks like another DarkRP mod.

Go away, this better be sarcasm


I’m go karting now so when I get back i will post a picture of the ammo HUD at the moment then I’m going to finish the job menu and start the perk system

In my opinion, you should first make the system fully work before starting to create a GUI :smiley: (Not including the main HUD, of course)

This looks realy awesome, not a gay DarkRP. work on, it dont stop

And don’t use EvoCity maps, there are WAY too many rp servers with that map. Use a big rp map, one that is actually city-like.

I could help you in .lua coding or general ideas (and being a very good admin) if you can get this project up to a point where it looks half-decent.

Ooooo looks pretty good, lol shooting somebody whilst being a cop for shitting on the floor.
Also what does S.W.A.T do because they are just like police… with bigger guns… and bullet proof vests… and grenades… Oh right I see why.
Actually what do the combine do?

They are not the correct jobs, I’ll fix them up soon.

What?! NOOOOOOo keep the S.W.A.T… for the luls
Also this looks like it IS gonna work! keep going, remember you have no social life now.

I never did have a social life. XD. And I’m thinking of only having a few job seekers who have to imploy people and they can set them jobs. And give them certain benefits