CityRP (Applejack) updated for GMod 13 up for sale.

I am selling an updated gamemode made by Lexi in this link :
This gamemode I am selling is revamped and ready to be hosted on a Garrys Mod 13 server. If you buy it and plan to use it keep in note that your host must have MySQL capabilities because thats is how the gamemode runs.
I have updated this along with a friend (Free Garry's Mod addons and downloads |
We have decided to sell it and split the profits. Price is negotiable and just add me on steam to talk about it. We are thinking about $150 range.

Coderhire link: (Free Garry's Mod addons and downloads |
Steam : (

Please note that I got full permission to resell this:
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Im willing to go lower if needed.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - MaxOfS2D)) - You can see what this gamemode includes in this video. (Note that I did not make this video)

This isn’t the section to sell your stuff. This section is for help with lua.

What should I place this in then.


I already have… Where on facepunch should i place

You don’t.

Well too bad. its staying here untill mod takes it off…

What about permissions from lexi to make profit from this?

He did get permission.

RP08 (Cider/Applejack) is free for anyone who has the time and know how.
Not trying to be a cunt, but why the hell would someone spend roughly $150 on a gamemode when they can get it for free by just downloading DarkRP, and applying permanent inventories to it?

$150 for a gamemode? Are you nuts? It costs less than that to hire a coder to code it from scratch.

I said that I don’t care as long as he kept the credit in tact.

You seriously need to rethink your price.


Mind you, I sold a shared.lua for DarkRP for $100CAD. If you manage to sell this, you deserve the money.