CityRPG Sandbox SWEPS

I am trying to set up a CityRPG server and i want to give the users the normal prop building sweps, physgun, toolgun and grav gun however i am unable to make any normal sandbox weapon work, this includes the guns, deagle, etc.

There appears to be something stopping them from working correctly.
For example i tried

		ply:Give( "weapon_physcannon" ) 
		ply:Give( "weapon_physgun" ) 
		ply:Give( "gmod_tool" )

It gave me the fists which are part of CityRPG but not the other three

I asked this on the CityRPG thread and got no reply.

The gamemode derives from base.

Yep. Re-derive it from sandbox, or copy the code and add as much sandbox as you want to your gamemode.

The Fact it derives from base was one of the problems which i solved before hitting this one.

The cause was this.

function GM:PlayerCanPickupWeapon(ply, wep)
	if not wep:GetClass():find("^rpg_") then
		return false
	return true