A map with an unimaginative yet descriptive title; lovingly handcrafted (very intermittently) over a period of around 4 years, I am pleased to be able to call this map more or less done and ready for the masses to enjoy its radiance (or not).

Fairly large area of streets and buildings, many of them enterable and all of them showing various degrees of damage from whatever catastrophe befell this fictional city.
Also has some underground areas in the form of a parking garage, some sewers and some subway tunnels/stations.
Map is also complete with NPC nodes, and some custom soundscapes that sometimes work.

I’ve been working on this map for far too long and am somewhat sick of it so I’ve clobbered it into a presentable state and am shipping it out now.

Also, saying that these ruins have been long-abandoned and without electrical power provides a convenient excuse for me to not put any lighting in other then the sun, so I’m sticking with that.

Steam workshop
Mediafire Download

I’m certain there are still annoying glitches and mistakes and stuff that doesn’t work properly in the map still, so if you catch something that I and my faithful alpha tester Giggle Biscuit haven’t, please let me know.

I hope some find it to be a useful asset.

Edit: There appear to be some strange issues with soundscapes in the map not playing the correct sounds sometimes, so if you notice anything strange please post about it here.

Reminds me of Half-Life 2 Beta, nice work!

Looking nice, reminds me a bit of Half Life 2 as well

Nice work, my only recommendation for a tiny bit of detail would be to use some displacements on the sides of the hole in picture 3, other than that great work.

Very nice, but you could use some custom textures, it looks too much like every other post apocalyptic map

the skybox doesnt match light_env colour

And it never will

edit: Okay, fine, it might, if I ever decide to release a new version.

it’s good, work on your brushwork and texturing and pay attention to the little details. the general scene and atmosphere is good but work more on things to make it look better overall. your buildings that aren’t destroyed don’t look very real, give them more detail and time.

I think it would benefit from a dust effect like rp_apocalypse, or a light fog. Currently it looks a bit too clean in that respect. Some of the damage is nice, some needs work, and some of the underground areas look a little too fresh. It is a good start, but just needs a bit more atmosphere.

The sky is just awful. Puke green color? That’s just so unappealing to look at.

It’s inspired by pictures like this, of the martian surface.

The idea was to give a feeling of desolation in a post-apocalyptic connotation, but apparently I’m not very good at creating atmosphere.

I get it. I’ve used The Road as inspiration for post apocalyptic environmental conditions. I like it better then green.

Yeah, I know, I’m making no sense.

Looks good, but they sky colour looks slightly off in my opinion. I think grey would suit it better.

This map is gargantuan, the pictures don’t really suggest it.

Is that a bad thing?

It was a compliment, I was really surprised how big the map was when I started exploring it.

There appear to be some strange issues with soundscapes in the map not playing the correct sounds sometimes; if you notice anything strange please post about it here.

It looks good, but I feel like it’s missing something.

It has the destruction factor, but I don’t see the “dirty, uncleanliness” factor.

There is also some z-fighting, might want to investigate that.

Saw this on the workshop in Gmod. Impressive work, but as the above stated, it needs a bit more atmosphere with things like fog, dust effects etc

Still, good job there