CITYSCAPE. Chapter 1

In Which the Setting is Established and Two Key Characters are Vaguely Introduced.

Comments, Questions, Concerns, Crap welcome.

Whoah, nice! I like it, I hope to see more!

Great posing, editing, format, etc, here you’ve earned a pallet.

Thanks broheim.

I don’t get whats going on, I’d say refine the dialog. Possibly rethink the plot and where it will lead.

seems great , the story is interesting so hope you continue this

I like the effects, and the posing is pretty good. As for the story, it’s pretty straightforward so far, reminds me a little of something like Hellgate: London.

I just noticed that the knight also shoots the hunter, after blue flaming his arse. That looks nice.
I’d like to see where this goes.