CityScript 1.0.1

Here is CityScript 1.0.1 (fixes a few lua errors in 1.0.0 for doonbugie2 - please note that since I am working on my map grp_cosmos and script “SeriousRP”, I have little time to develop CityScript further - however, it is pretty much complete and a great alternative to DarkRP)

  • Cakescript G2 based
  • Built-in Warn/Kick/Ban system
  • Banking system with interest
  • Buyable storage boxes with space for 16 items
  • More than one faction to join
  • Guns, but you can just remove the Gun Dealer role if you don’t want those
  • Car sales but you can just remove the Car Dealer role if you don’t want those
  • Zombies
  • Meteors
  • Black Market dealer (moneyprinter, toxic substance labs)
  • Nuclear scientists
  • Percentage of total players team limits rather than fixed limits.
  • Fires that Spread based on my original DarkRP code
  • Earthquakes (these are very very rare and not meant to be deactivated)
  • Random meteor strike at one player (also very very rare and not meant to be deactivated)
  • Arrest system based on the one from DarkRP
  • Custom player spawns
  • Wide variety of items available from Grocery Store
  • Medics, Police, City Mayor, etc
  • Cakescript Flag system from to allow certain people to become Mayor


EXTRACT THE ENTIRE ZIP TO GARRYSMOD FOLDER! This will install the gamemode and the Addon

Required Addon: Simple RP Prop Protection by Spacetech + philxyz (included)

Required Addon: Counter-Strike: Source Content (in your orangebox/cstrike folder on dedicated server)
Required Addon: CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0 addon by Worshipper -
Required Addon: Roleplaying Vehicles 1.0 by NastDye required -
Required Addon: Nuke 4 by T.Bonita -
BE AWARE: The Police Vehicles inside the zip are NOT addons and need to go directly into the garrysmod folder structure

Optional Addon: Vehicle Upgrade addon by DarkNovaClan -
Optional Addon: Skinswitcher by Mihara -
Optional Addon: Sickness Vehicles for CityScript -

Nori for Cakescript G2
SB Spy for Combo Fists
Feihc for Fire Extinguisher
Rick Dark, Botman, thenoman for NPC model animations

Download Link for 1.0.1:

More Mirrors for this new version would be much appreciated! :smiley:

Something to remember is:

  • When you want to respawn, you must type !acceptdeath to do so.

So this is kinda looking like DarkRP to me?

It was not supposed to be good, actually. It was meant to be a “worse” gamemode in terms of gun availability that mingebags will enjoy playing, to distract them from the DarkRP servers - but built on a base considered by the community to be of better quality.

However, it turned out not too bad after all. It’s far from perfect as far as roleplaying gamemodes go… but unless you try it, you won’t know how good it could be.

It’s not based on DarkRP. It was originally based on Cakescript to show that “even a game that’s not based on DarkRP can be bad” - but actually, it’s not that bad after all (if that makes any sense)

Pretty much everything works and if a community plays seriously, it is good fun.

Post media …

Yeah, To be honest I was expecting it to be a DarkRP clone. Then I played it for a bit and it turned out pretty nice to RP in, The only thing mingebags can do is prop block but thats what admins are for, and well minges wont be able to figure out rp_toggleholster which is nice.


Thanks for spending the time to fix some stuff. Nice of ya.

Hey uhh. I have this on my server and evryone is male01 Black guy. Is there anyway to fix this.

Oh yeah I didn’t spot that before… it seems to be just the picture in the upper-right corner though… maybe it’s the whole model, I didn’t see though.

Gonna check it out.


link broke

Hmm works now :confused:


GOD mediaupload is very bugged…

Same place has DarkerRP 1.1.0, DarkerRP 1.1.1, and CityScript RC1 :v:

Thanks for that! Also, DarkerRP is now obsolete and should be replaced with CityScript 1.0.1

All animations are a t-pose. How do I fix this?

Apparently garry’s messed up the inventory when you use items, at least that’s what’s happened on our server which uses cakescript as a base.


Cakescript is fucked.

Anything specific that is broken in CityScript 1.0.1 apart from animations and the player model choice being always that one guy?

This is probably buggier then anyy other RP gamemode out there.

Mmmhm. Would you like to help me make it less buggy by pointing out some bugs?

does your stuffs save in your “inventory” if there is one?

Every character is in T-pose :d

Does this still happen even after the instructions have been followed and the source 2007 animations are installed on both the server and the client?


Not between server restarts or character changes.