CityScript Development Release

Some of you will remember a gamemode called Cakescript G2 (which was for simple, serious roleplaying). It was quite extensible for its time and enabled developers to add their own functionality quite easily.

A few years ago, I created CityScript (based on Cakescript G2), which is a simple roleplaying gamemode with a few fun features. It was originally created to show that even cityscript can turn to hell when DarkRP features are added - but the truth is, it’s not so much what the features are, but rather how the game is played that defines the experience.

This has been fixed up for GMOD 13 (although there are a few textures missing, but nothing major).

There are a set of recommended addons for this game to be played to the full.

Don’t be decieved by the lack of on screen information - the good stuff is under the Cakescript F1 menu.

To interact with items, you hold shift, then right-click on the in-game entities.

There is a money system and a simple ATM banking system.

Everything is simple and basic, but functional, extensible and I hope fun.



  • Weapons Shipments
  • Many Job Roles with custom business items for some roles.
  • Door permissions
  • Player model selector
  • Spreadable Fire
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Zombies, Meteors, Earthquakes etc

The intent here is that other people take this gamemode and expand on it, try it out, see how it feels compared with DarkRP.

There might be some insecure bits and pieces in Cakescript, so just be aware.

If you want to modify this or remove bits you don’t like, add new cars for the car dealer etc, go for it. Just clone the repository above and do what you want, it’s all pretty straightforward to customize.

That bank

Your back from the dead I see.

I didn’t die, I was busy getting a Job, getting married, etc :slight_smile:

Who’s the hot chick you got married too? Does she play online?

Oh hey man… I rem- Ohh shit cakescript?! Ohhhhhh shit.

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It’s been a while, damn.

It’s been about 6 or 7 years. I kind of expected the RP gamemode scene to change a bit more by now but everyone’s still playing DarkRP. Well, that’s fine - but this is something a bit different at least. “For now”…

time to start up a revolutionary half life 2 roleplay server on rp_city45 using CakeScript!

OMG CAKESCRIPT! Yes I will be using this!