CityServer: Rust++|DoorSharing|Sleeper|Instacraft|PvP|ActiveAd mins

**Connection Info: **

Hi Guys! Welcome to CityServer!

Here’s some details about us:

**Our Admins are always active, and trying their best to keep the server fun and fascinating! **
-Admins do not abuse Supply Drops, and do not abuse God mode.
-Admins do not spawn items for others unless it is a reward from a game, or reward for a donation.
-Admins cannot spawn any military grade weapons and armor, such as M4’s, Explosive Charges, Ammo, and Kevlar.
-Admins cannot spawn any raw materials, such as Wood, Stones, Ore, and Metal Fragments.
If you feel like an admin is breaking the rules, please report them in the “Report Player” section on our website with reasonable proof.

We Have
Door Sharing
Chat History
Private Messaging
Friends List
Sleepers enabled
PVP enabled
Normal drop/spawn rates
City Environment
Noob Friendly Starter Pack
Fight Arena with great rewards
Just type in /help in game.

Please visit our website for more information!

Thank you guys!
Have a great Day!

Admin/Owner of CityServer