CityWarsRP Development Help

Hello! Some of you may know me as Nerdanator or Hennerstheman

I’m intending to make a New Gamemode called CityWarsRP.

This gamemode has a simple idea. It’s Combine Vs. Rebels but, one team must try and conquer the city!

This is in no way a root of DarkRP. It’s a root of Fretta but heavily customised.

You get so many points for how many of your teammates are in the city at one time e.g. 4 Rebels in City get’s you 40 points. Every 1 minute it determines your score.

First Team to 500 Points, or the Team with the most points at the end of the round WINS! Which comes with a money prize :stuck_out_tongue:


There are three teams, Combines and Rebels and people that feel neutral.

Content: Customizable Weaponry, Mad Cows Weapons and maybe Vietnam Weapons for the Rebels.

Map(s) (Not decided): Freespace, Gm_Atomic, RP_Salvation


This is a round based gamemode. People can join though at any time during the round, unlike gamemodes such as TTT. You have a total no. of lives (still to be decided) until you die for that round. There is a Shop Menu in which different teams can be different types of weapons! e.g. Combines can buy AR2’s, whilst Rebels and Neutrals can guy AK-47’s.

If a player dies, they respawn with their weapon, but if they bought ammo for it, they loose it. When you kill people you earn money, and the longer your KILLSTREAK the more money you gain from each kill.

People can use certain PHX and other simple props to make houses, and other teams can destory these props with C4, Grenades and their own guns. No props can be spawned into players, and players can suicide, which should be a way out of them being Prop Blocked.

All teams have an area where they can spawn, and if a layer changes team mid-round they die and respawn in the other spawn zone of their selected team.

About the classes: You by default start in Combine and Rebel classes as a bottom ranked soldier, but you can rank up, and get weapons you can’t buy from the store and addons to guns by completing challenges.

Combine Game play: Combine’s naturally have some of the best weapons, but move slower then other teams, jump shorter then other teams, and stop moving slower then other teams.
Combine by default spawn with: AR2 with 200 rounds of spare ammo. SMG with 2 SMG Explosive Grenades and 100 rounds of spare ammo. Every gun Combine’s buy are slightly better then the one’s Rebel’s, and Neutral teams can buy, for the same price.

Neutral Gameplay: Neutral Players have the choice to make teams, within this team. They can kill other Neutral players, unless they are within their Team. (so a team within a team :D) All Netural players spawn with a Famas with 50 rounds of spare ammo, and a Knife without any Throwable Extras.

Rebels: All Rebel players spawn with a Famas with 75 rounds of spare ammo, and a Knife without any Throwable Extras and a Pistol with 2 rounds of spare ammo.

All these aren’t Final details.

What I need:

A Mapper (Maybe)
Moddeler (Maybe)
Co-Programmer who is willingly to help me for free and get a massive shout out.

Thank You for Reading this.

If anyone is wondering that I’m just getting a coder to do all the work for me. This is what I did in 30 minutes:

So its Team deathmatch?

In a way it’s Team Deathmatch.

I can see how much work you put into that.

In all seriousness, though, why do you feel the need to put “RP” in the title of said gamemode? This obviously isn’t even RP related in any way, as it’s pretty much just team deathmatch. If you were to make this gamemode, just please, remove RP from the title of it and replace it with something like DM.

Ok. The reason I put RP was because you are taking the role of a character so it’s in a form of Roleplay, but If I rename it it, it shall not be CityWarsRP but CityWars. And I forgot to put the links in lol