Civil Disobedience

This was originally supposed to be a post for Espionage Wars but I ended up not using it, however I still wanted to show it off because I think it looks pretty sweet.
C&C please folks, don’t be shy.

Another fantastic picture in my opinion Volf.

A few things to point out though;
Some of the ‘miners/workers’ I think look like they aren’t really posed much, so it doesn’t give the scene much motion.
You could edit some headlights onto the car or do over some of the lighting, if you want I can have a crack at some lighting on it if you want?

Overall a really good photo and I like it:)

Yeah I really feel like there’s alot more that could’ve been done with this picture, but I have all the post editing skills of a baked potato. I really just wanted to try and cram as many people into the picture as possible so I didn’t put alot of effort into making the people look like they’re doing much. I’d really like to get better with Gimp but I’m always afraid to edit a picture with it for fear I’m going to horribly maim it.