Civil Metromedic NPC

This is v2 for my metromedic skin. Now NPC!

Check out him in action

Put this folder in ur garrysmod/garrysmod directory
it won’t replace anything

I’ve made major improvements in this pack. here’s the list of 'em:

  1. twistedsmile’s skin replaced with Battle Damaged Metromedic
  2. Fixed HDR bug (the previous model ignored shadows/dark places)
  3. Skins are in Ultra HD 4096x2048!!
  4. I’ve fully reskined the model so it looks a lot better then the previous one
  5. Now the npcs have awesome spawn icons :smiley:



This belongs in releases…that being said…Interesting idea.

Any plans to somehow slip them into HL2/EP1/EP2?

I like mine more.

But I think I lost the files…

Maybe u’ll add medpacks on the back of mine, that would be great

I had Idea of making it as skin for hl2 metrcop but I dunno how to do this

Maybe, but that isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. Easy for me, though.

Do the metromedics heal other soilders like Rebel medics heal you?

To replace the metrocop, or just hex it as it’s own model?

EDIT: NVM someone bumped the thread.

No this is just hexed reskin

The Metromedic crashes for me when I spawn it sometimes, what’s wrong?

It uses 4096x2048 texture, this can be a problem. I don’t have this bug,

Makes perfect sense.

Yeah, same thing with the Synergy NPCs at . And if the Metromedics don’t crash for you, is it 'cause your graphics card is really good?

Well mine is not really good one but. It depends on the graphics cc\ard and on RAM probably. I can release a lower version of it if u really need it

I do, but also remember. TOO High-res things could be dangerous to both your CPU and your graphics card or… Somethin’ like that. Go ahead and release a version with lower resolution. OH WAIT, what if there were Metromedic Playermodels too? Hopefully no T-Pose when not carrying a gun. Nvm, just release a version with lower resolution. And DeviantPictures? Before you start working on lower resolution Metro Police Medics I’ll tell how to make an addon, go to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons and make a new folder there, for the Civil Medics call the folder Metromedics. then go into Metromedics folder and make a .txt file, rename it to info.txt. Or copy one from another addon and modify the copied one in the Metromedics folder. Then put the models, materials and lua in the folder called Metromedics. The lua includes autorun/metromedic.lua, and the materials the textures, models is models. Start up GMod after doing this and having an info.txt in beginning of the new folder called Metromedics. And voila, if you see the folder Metromedics in Browse then you did it right.

This is a good improvement :D.

Come on, come on DeviantPictures hurry up getting the addon working and making lower resolutions of the 2 Metromedics…!

Hey what’s taking so long for the lower res medics?


Low res plz :downs:

DeviantPictures, PLS RESPOND!

Just PM him, don’t bump threads