Civil Protection Carrier (CPC)

This is basically a request by me:

Its a Civil Protection Carrier, its just basically a improved version of the APC. If anyone can make it driveable i would love you forever (Not gay) :o

So if anyone can do it, it would be appreciated.


A ragdolled model of it with bodygroups for doors and perhaps an extra skin would be great, but a drivable vehicle would take a long time to rig i guess.

Man how did I know it was this image.

That concept is almost as old as HL2. I feel if someone hasn’t taken the time to make it in the past 7 years, your request won’t sway peoples’ indecision.

The concept artist actually did make an actual model of it, but it still needs textures and rigging I think. ViralHatred has the model IIRC.


That’s the model.

oh this isn’t a half life 2 concept done later by someone inspired by half life 2… but still i wouldn’t mind seeing the model done.

I could try my hand at skinning the APC if I had the model. I’d need an unwrap, though.

I now have the model - any bored modelers want to unwrap it for me?

You could use this: to unwrap it.

um… flat mapping? because you have a uv painter right.

“The demo is fully functional (except for saving)”

and I’m not paying $60 for a program I’ll use once :v:

Damnit, can’t find any unwrappers.

I’ve also not been able to find anyone to do it. If anyone is able to, shoot me a PM here. I’ll post here if I ever get anyone.

e: Just in case it’s not clear I have the model and will skin it. I just need it unwrapped.