Civil Protection Carrier

Alright gents, I know that asking for anything model related is pretty much a crapshoot, but I’ll try again anyway.

I came across this concept here by GaussWerks, and I’d love to make a vehicle out of it, but I don’t have a model mesh to work with. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to provide that mesh so I can further rig, animate, and texture it. The mesh is really all I need.

Interesting concept, I support this request.

I have the mesh for it, can you show some examples of previous work? I’m can’t just freely hand it around to everyone.

It needs rigging, unwrapping + texturing and collision model making. Though since parts are the same as the APC/Combine Turret, much of those textures could be recycled.

Pretty cool.

“Looks like easy” to do, modifying the original APC mesh (lengthening it, adding more wheels, moving the turret to the rear part, and making hollow the inside. The doors can be made using the original door model that i dont remember their name).

Except the hollow part, “i could” try it.

P.D: Viral, you directly made it?

No I got the original models from Gausswerks. I recognised that they were overpaints and sent him an email requesting them.

It’s already hollow inside. I’ve currently got the shield scaled correctly and compiled. I’m currently working on texturing it.


Yes, I can show you a model I turned into a vehicle if you wish. It’s the humvee from Insurgency. I sent it your way.

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I also rigged the sentry gun and cobra models for the MW2 Killstreaks addon made by DeathDealer142. You can check those out as well if you want.

Very good. Hope you end finding a good 2D artist (i completely suck making textures, they looks made in Paint).

I strongly approve this thread carry on mates (I’m not english or what ever I just wanted to throw that mates thing in lol)

Original HL2 APC failed to be… Well, an APC. Good luck!