Civil protection continues to fight even though surrounded


  • I only posed the civil protection.
  • ratatatata
  • I stole notes from BenWolfe
  • My notes have underlines

I like the ratatatata effect, the motion blur really makes you think he is swinging his weapon side to side to hit as much Antlions as possible. (Even tho thats dumb as hell, he will probably hit just a couple and waste all his bullets)

The muzzle flash is fine, and the posing its nice, but for some reason his arm(Not the one with the weapon) looks awkward, at least for me.

Nice blur on the antlions too :slight_smile:


The depth-of-field and lighting are superb.
Posing is good.
The radial blur feels a little cheep to me and the transition between the blurred forearm and the rest of the arm is too quick.
I don’t get why the arm is so heavily blurred and yet the shells, which would probably be moving faster, aren’t.

Great picture though and as I said, the lighting is reeeally nice.

Yeah i thought the radial blur was cheap too lol.

Editing is nice, but the motion blur on the hand is kinda in the wrong direction or something, it looks more like he’s swinging the gun at somebody

Very nice reminds me of the Vae Victus Machinima



Anyhow, anyhow. Nooks Lice.