Civil Protection examining crime scene and bagging dead girl.

Like I said, out of ideas.


Well, the posing is alright, except for the soldier bending over. It’s just kinda stupid to be posing metropolice actually being police, considering they are the ones to usually make the crimescene in the first place.


You really are running out of ideas, aren’t you?


Posing is alright I guess, Could use some work on the guy closest to the camera and maybe some different blood spatter.

Can’t find any good ones. Only one I have is the “Horror Blood” one.

I’d recommend not doing the blood with ingame blood decals.

Try using an editing program. The GIMP is free, and if i recall correctly, so is

I have GIMP.

Then I’d suggest using it a little more.

Never used it.

then use it…more?

I’d do just that … if there were any tutorials that made any scence.

Title is misleading. I was expecting a girl, not some disgusting hermaphrodite.

Body is hot, head is not.

fear why you gotta rate everyone you disagree with dumb

i mean sure its all in your power but its common courtesy to hear people out and i KNOW someone isn’t actually following you around and rating your opponents off

i just dont understand

Are you trying to say that Vman’s tutorial is too hard to follow?

Shit, man. How do you think I got to the level of editing I have achieved in as little as three months? Vman’s tutorial. Use it and use it well for it shall not let you down.

I still like using the In-game spray’s, 'cause then I’d forget and that would make problems. Plus, I can’t make blood in GIMP.

I rate disagree with people I disagree with, I rate idiots dumb.