Civil Protection have a few qualms with the graphics settings

word of advice kids, never muck about with your graphics drivers.

Half-Life 2 coming in the summer of 1999

<how dare you madame i am not some sort of homosensual>

Ten years ago, I would have been all, “HOLY FUCKIN SHIT U SEE THOSE GRAFIX? O SNAP!”

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uuuUUUuuuuUh? What?

Looks like some straight up PS1 graphics.

Better than Crysis.

Better than BF3

Not worth a thread.

That is your opinion, my chile.

yes yes give me boxes

so i may store my ejaculate in them

The graphics remind me of “Mysteries of the Sith”. Ahh, nostalgia.

Is that Captain America?

Looks like Quake 2

looks like mgs

the grain and the colour-pallet. it’s very reminiscent

ew software rendering mode

It is not worth a thread because it is 2 plainly posed ragdolls with some pixelated effect on it. Not much effort involved and your attempt at humor in title I didn’t find funny at all. I posted a picture not to long ago that I actually spent time to use in-game lighting and touch it up in photoshop and people told me it wasn’t worth a thread. So what makes this worth a thread?

If I wanted a reminder of the old days I would go play the first MGS or the first Tomb-Raider or Sim’s games.

Looks like Voxelstein, pretty nice

you should buy a voodoo card. I heard it unlocks extreme graphics