Civil Protection in Death's Robes

This is a fairly strange request for a model…Since I was unable to find a Death model, (That is “Death” with a BIG D) I looked through ShoTGuNGuY’s Huge Player Pack and came upon the beta Combine models. And that is what inspired me to request this, a model combing Discworld’s Death~

And a Civil Protection Officer~

Replace the mask with the skull, have the hood up, etc. I would also like the robes to be in a CP style without looking “too” goofy…And of course to keep the two belts and have a Death belt buckle placed on the lower belt.

I hope someone would be willing to do this for me and that it isn’t to much to ask for.

Is this similar to what you looking for? (its not a death Cp, but its got the robe)

Similar yes, but I would like it to have the details I asked for. (The belts, the robe to be CP-like, etc.)

This looks interesting, it would be so funny to see this in hl2 story, death making people slave over work.

This thread reminds me of some concept art I saw for Half Life 2:

That is also what inspired this request. In fact I’d like that to be a reference for the “CP style robes” I can’t seem to shut up about.


Breen Hitler.