Civil Protection Sgt.

Could any of you make a Civil Protection Sgt?


Where it would be.

I believe it would be easy to do, but I am no Modeler or Skinner.


So you basically want the regular CP but with that patch on it’s arm? Should be relatively easy if that’s what you meant.

Yea that’s it, pretty simple really.

I might actually try it, as it’d be good practice. Though, if possible, I’d suggest asking another to do it as I’m very unreliable and my computer is having problems at the moment.


That’s less than 2 minutes job.

Anybody Willing? No deadline or anything.

I might work on it as soon as my computer is fixed. I’m on an extra computer that has none of the software I’d usually use and it’ll take too long to get it all on here. So I might have it within a week. (possibly)

Do you want it hexed? (So it doesn’t replace your normal CP)

Yea if you could.