Civil Protection storming an apartment.

Only used simple DOF for editing.

C&C, and all that other shit.

posing looks ok but the muzzle flashes don’t look that good

Break in, yelling and guns blazing, shooting in all directions. That’s how they roll. :v:

Nice posing.

“Ahhh! Get some! GAAAAAH!!!.. Shit… wrong apartment.”

Great posing man, the only problem is that the muzzle flashes are a little off. Otherwise great job!

bullet rush FTW

Sweet pic yea the muzzel flashes are off

For some reason this makes me laugh.

The muzzleflashes are 6 inches farther than they should be.
The CP on the right’s left leg is too far into his stomach.
The top right’s gun is pointed up to the ceiling, which is not exactly a good spot to shoot.

Love that posing

CP’s did it cooler - hit open the door and rape them with Stunsticks, spewing out radio commands in their filter-raped voice. This just makes them look like some 1980’ police show.

They need to do stuff like this in Cp, but that would delay the next episode for years.

That one ‘aiming’ toward the ceiling is supposed to be taking the recoil of the shot.

I guess that’s kind of my excuse for the muzzle flashes, the shot took place earlier, not exactly in the picture.

Also, though it’s not really an excuse, CPs are just a bitch to pose. They don’t feel like regular ragdolls to me.

That’s the most dangerous and dumbest way to breach a room. Most advanced police unit Earth has ever known, yeah, my ass.

Actually Big Man… Take away a flash bang, and that’s pretty much how every armed force would do a room entry. Though probably not so bunched up and relying a bit on cover fire to move in…

Pointman 2 appears to be the last person that entered the room, which in this case could have cost Civil Protection casualties since he wasn’t at the right side of the room first. Concidering the way the door is opened, he would have been the first one in which means he should be pointman 1, which is watching the left side of the room for any possible hostiles. Team leader should be at the middle while the door breacher stays out of the room, preferably around at the door until called in to help with another door breaching/misc orders.

Hmm… my mistake then. Ah well, it looks cool [-ish] though still right?

I’m hardcore, so I am dissapoint.