civil war era SWEPS

hey i would like to request some civil war era sweps with W_MODELS and V_MODELS now i know that there was some of these weapons in mad cows swep pack but its brocken and nobody has fixed the FoF sweps yet so…
my request:
colt navy
Alchimista revolver
Buntline (HUGE revolver)
cavalry M1873
Colt Single Action Army (lots of types but its the creators choice)
Model 1855 Colt Revolving Carbine

thats about it.
hope some one will make these.
im most intrested in the revolvers since theres alot of rifles out there but not allot of western revolvers

Do you have the models for these SWEPS?

some of them you can find in mad cows weapons pack but as most people know the sweps dont work
for the other sweps i think you will have to create the models yourself

This is a lua forum. If you don’t have the models request in the model forum THEN, come here.