Civil war Soldiers?

Yeah, I tried reskinning, but It says my files are corrputed or something like that any help?

Yeah, I guess because we all this hive mind, you don’t really need to explain anything to anyone.

Don’t have to be scarcastic. American civil war soldiers is what I am looking for, I am assuming that you know what they look like though.

Some people might not be from America, bud. Post some pictures along with your OP. It definitely helps.

I still don’t know what american civil war soldiers you’ve been skinning.

Okay, these

Gray is confederate and blue is union,

I was trying to reskin the national guard NPCs to make them but I failed. Can anyone do it?

I wanted Npc, But I’m nnot that good at scripting, so, if anyone could do that too?

I know what the civil war is. The point is that you didn’t explain in any way what the fuck you were talking about.

The national guards are pretty good as a base skin, get better reference photos though.

Lol friend there has been alot of civil wars in the world, even here in Ireland.
I would really really like to see these models done, it
would be pretty darn awesome…