Civilian weapons pack.

Well I’ve tried my hand at SWEP making with very limited success.

But I did come up with something that I think the SWEP makers might get a kick out of. We all know about all the RP servers where you can go into a gun store and buy a machine gun. So why not make a SWEP pack of civilian weapons?
Here’s a set of skins that demonstrate the kind of guns I’m talking about.
For instance target pistols.


Hunting rifles/shotguns. (as a rifle, yes I know there’s already a SWEP of this one)
Snipers. (also milsurp) (also milsurp)
Antique/collectible/military surplus/black powder guns.
And at most a semi-auto version of a full-auto gun.
If there were some skins of junk guns like lorcins and hi-points that would be nice too but I can’t find any.

You get the point.

No full auto, no silencers, no grenade launchers. Limited magazine capacity. Even accessories would be at a minimum. Not as good as the weapons the police have access to which would be a bit more realistic. It would make buying a gun and going on a rampage a less viable option for RPers because in general they’re outgunned by the fuzz. That and having a pack of hunting rifles/shotguns and target pistols would make single player against NPCs a bit more challenging and fun.

Someone needs to do this.

I honestly love the idea.