Civilians Scaled By 1/16th

My friend is working on an epic script, but unless we can get these models, he will not be able to progress.

We need two HL2 civilian models (don’t necessarily need to be HL2 civilians but it would be best), one male and one female with their size and speed scaled by 1/16th (They would be 4 units tall.)

If you think that you could accomplish this we would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

“we just need tiny npcs. the animations will need to be changed so that the speeds are slower. its possible to do.”

You can’t change the speed of a model by changing the size.

If someone does this for you, they won’t have eyelid posing.

Yes we know, this is the problem, this is one of the reasons that we need these models. Also, it doesn’t matter whether or not they have face posing.

Including fingerposing in the not needing?

Why not just scale them using lua, saves some pour soul having to redo all the animations at 1/16th.

Lua cannot be operated through a faceposer machinima.

Huh, well I thought he meant for a gmod gamemode, seen as he never said anything about machinima.

If we do that we will have problems with collision models, anims, and various other things.


I don’t think that we will be needing that either. We just need functional animated models.

Animations can be scaled too I think, the speed atleast.