Civilization 5....

…can make you think a lot.

Just thought I’d use my Turian pskin and some other stuff to make a sort of Civ 5ish scene. It was an idea that popped into my head.


P.S. Can GIMP make the scene looks “better”?

Probably should have put this in the perskin thread.

Also, no, GIMP CAN make the scene look better, but not if the original screenshot is bad.

Is ut too late to put this in the pskin thread? I didn’t at first because my shots aren’t as wonderful as all of you guys’ shots…do you have the ability to put this shot in the pskin thread?

Well you already made a thread for it, so theres no need. But just remember, if you have a screenshot that has a perskin in it, it probably goes to the perskin thread.

The fact that a scene contains a single perskin doesn’t mean it automatically goes there. If it was intended to be a perskin pose, sure, but it’s clearly not.

Decent posing and an interesting set of characters.

@BLitzkrieg Zero: Alright, I’ll keep that in mind and do my best to rememebr.

@Barbwire: Thank you, that means alot. I have another Civ 5 scene idea, just need to think it through some more. (like what will exactly be in it and if I have props for it and if I’ll need ot improvise.)

Great pic bro good job

Thank you, glad you like it.