CivitasRP - A realistic roleplay framework for S&box


I thought it was about time to introduce something I’ve been working on for the past few months. I’ve been working on a CityRP gamemode named CivitasRP which is inspired by Arma 3 Life servers rather than the classic DarkRP style server most people from Gmod are used to. What does this entail? Well, I’m glad you asked, the focus is on permanent focus and an RP experience that means something.

These is the board for the planned features: Trello . It’s very ambitious and alot of them are for the far FAR future, but it gives a perspective into what I’m looking to create.

Basically the gamemode is built on a character system which lets you have multiple characters, an extensive item system with multiple item types and crafting, vehicles that you can own, a corporation system etc. The gamemode is very customizable but it’s meant to be for a player-run economy. This means that most things are crafted, including cars etc. You get iron ore, make it into steel, craft parts, put them together etc. This is how it’s meant to be for most things.

The framework has already gotten some good progress(200+ commits and 5k+ lines of code). I’ve been working on a .NET Console Application that basically mimics all things related to the character/inventory system and have already implemented a very big part of the Inventory/Item system. I’m excited to show you guys more as we start developing the UI(as I plan on doing as a React project in typescript just to get the html/css done, but that’s basically it for now.

I’ve got a discord here: if any of you guys are interested in joining and following our progress.

PS. Right now looking to hire some modellers and animators for some custom assets for the gamemode. Feel free to DM me on discord!


This sounds really exciting, can’t wait to see it in the future.


I’m excited to see where this will go, as the limit is essentially development time and imagination. Hopefully this will be far more detailed than anything that could be achieved on Gmod.


Super excited for this one, gmod was extremely limited with what you could produce, but I’m very intrigued to see what can be done with s&box. Pushing all the limits


Ngl I myself loved Arma 3 Life Roleplay and gmods Darkrp , and anything close to that and trying to really push the boundaries and bring a truly amazing RP experience excites me, ill be following this , wish you the best man.


Looks promising, keep it up guys!


Developer Update #1


Hello! This week I’ve been working on prototyping UI for CivitasRP to prepare for getting into the thick of things with S&box. This meant creating a project in Reactjs(using typescript) and designing a UI over a screenshot from inside of Garry’s Mod(to get a feel of things). Was a while since I touched HTML, CSS and TypeScript but it didn’t take too long until I was up to speed. Currently, this is how the inventory looks:

Screenshot as of 2021-04-11 of the main inventory page

As you might realise there is no set slots in your inventory, there is no shirt slot, no pant slot. Instead, on the right side of the image, you can see our dynamic equipment system at work which allows you to put on anything you want with anything you want as long as they don’t conflict according to a blacklist we’ve written in the backend. If you try to equip an item that is incompatible with an item you’re currently wearing(such as 2 jackets) it will simply highlight the conflicting item in red and refuse to equip the item.

Item Behaviour

On the right side you can also see that there are slots under certain equipped items, namely under the backpack and under the vest. Because of how we’ve built the system we can have an infinite amount of slots for each item and each slot can have an infinite amount of items(tho they will ofcourse both be limited by configs). Slots are not only where you store items but is also the source for how you use items. Certain slots will be highlighted as “action slots”(not shown here because I haven’t had time to come up with a concept for how to show it). These slots can be assigned to your numbered keys(1-9) and will make it so that when you press that button the item you’ve assigned will be put into your hands so you can use it. That means that the amount of “action slots”(toolbar slots) you have will be dependant on what equipment you’re carrying. If you’re wearing a military vest then you will have more toolbar slots than if you don’t, up to a maximum of 9.

Our inventory system is also using a weight & volume system. Each item has a specified value for both these parameters and both of them effect how much you can carry. Slots have a max volume that they need to adhere to and your body can only carry so much so while volume is hard limit(when you’ve filled your backpack to 100% volume you can’t carry more) how much weight you’re carrying effects your speed in an exponential curve(as in more and more weight will slow you down more and more until you’re practically stationary). This is how it’ll work for other entities in the game such as cars as well.

That’s it for now, I’ll probably continue with weekly updates with my progress and once I get alpha access I will show you my progress ingame but for now it will be alot of text and a few screenshots now and then of UI(as code is difficult to show). Take care everyone.


Mini Developer Update - 2021-04-14

Been working on some phone UI and thought I’d show some off and get some opinions. Made it so the UI is as scalable and dynamic as possible. The idea is to have multiple models of phones that you can buy that will have different screen sizes and features etc.



Gonna be honest… looks pretty dope good job man😁


if you could take temporary screenshots and send them to someone using that Instagram then i hope to be able to do this


play rp server with this as an addon
sneak into someones base and hide in the corner,
take a pic of me starting at them while in the corner and send it to them once they left, quickly find a new hiding spot while them come back and watch them freak out trying to find you


laughing a them


Very interested to see a break from the typical DarkRP framework, not to mention one modeled with inspiration from Arma 3 Life. Had a great time in Arma 3 playing that with a friend of mine, although we never got that far.


This sounds really interesting and would love to implement it if it’s possible. And yes, creeps would probably definetely become a thing lol.


Yeah, this gamemode is founded upon my dislike of DarkRP, or more exactly what it became since there were way too many servers that used it for a purpose that it wasn’t supposed to fill. Hope this will fill the more serious RP space for S&box!

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I don’t think having different phones adds that much to the roleplay/gameplay experience, but I could be wrong.

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Maybe, but I like details. Definetely not something I’m gonna focus on in the beginning, but doing the UI scalable doesn’t take more time than doing in non-scalable so I might as well.

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Mini Developer Update - 2021-04-17

Continued work on digital OS and completed the first version of the computer UI! Computers will be used mainly for companies and for government agencies(police etc). Instead of police writing “/mdt” in chat to search up someone (like is common on FiveM) instead they’d walk back to their car, open their laptop inside their policecar and search it up. These images showcase the window system I made for the computer os. it allows you to run multiple applications at the same time!

Obviously the actual apps themselves are very rough currently and aren’t close to done but I am pretty happy about the desktop and the computer OS, which now has a destinct look that is different from the phone OS.



i like it, it reminds me of the working mac or whatever it was that people could use in gmod tower

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This is a discussion we had, and we came to the conclusion that so long as there was a tangible difference between the phones, it would give people something to work towards in the future. Some possible examples of differences would be the loading speeds of apps, size of storage, price and shape.

Suggestions for what else could be implemented that would appeal to you are always welcome!

Well I think it’s frustrating that apps load slowly if my role phone is worse. It gets in the way more than adding to the experience. Size… I’d have to see what you can store to make an opinion on that. In any case, I would keep just the looks different, which is what the other players see anyway, and price of course. Doing that would do what I want: not getting in the way of the roleplay and add to it.

Having said that. It depends on what kind of RP it is. If it isn’t a pure RP game and there’s actual progression/it’s more gamey, then never mind, you can have phone progression, sure. But I’d rather have the game focus on the roleplaying experiences rather than punishing someone for having less hours played flipping burgers.


The focus is to get best of both worlds. Gamey mechanics of Arma 3 Life and Roleplay of FiveM. Basically you can have the hardcore RP while actually having a gamemode where the things you do are real(as in not just imagined for the sake of RP). It’s definetely a balance we’ll have to think alot about.

For the phones/computers it was mostly to force companies and police etc to invest in better laptops because they have to. Idea for example is that to install the DMV Registry App and Police DB App you need X amount of space, and that isn’t available on the worse models which means police have to get the more advanced ones, thus forcing progression. Same for companies etc. Won’t be focused on phones too much(phones will probably mostly be about screen size/shape) as I believe most people should have access to most features always.