CJ and Kenneth investigating a dark corridor with flashlights and weapons


Descriptive enough title?
Didn’t think so.

Let the following image load, kindly.


Here’s what I do know and want you to know in case you didn’t.


(edited this one twice in paint)

Desaturating is my only friend.

100th post on an alt, woopty doo.

Goddamn I realized that you can’t even see the hands holding the flashlights

This is quite good though, if everything wasn’t so dark.

It really does look like he’s sucking his penis doesn’t it?


Female zombie is also making a sad face in regards to that.

Reminds me a lot of a pic I did.
Not saying you copied, I still like it, but the pose is iffy in some spots.

Huh… didn’t see that one. Looks pretty close actually.

Thanks for the comment.