CJ's Dark RP Server with fishing and more!

Hi, my new servers up. 15 people max. Cool jobs, Wire and PHX svns included. I also added a twist, it has fishing. You can Level up and gain money. Map is : rp_funkville , It downloads fast and is a decent map for 15 people.


MAP: rp_funkville


Aw cool! Another DarkRP! Sarcasm
Sorry, theres just too much DarkRP servers.

Another DarkRP? Ooh, how exiting!

Too many RDMers with the fishing poles

Admins suck, voice chat sucks, horrible lag, white flashing anti-lag that ACTUALLY makes it lag worse.

You need to do some serious rebuilding for this server to be good.

Good luck!

The fishing pole thing sound’s kind of cool I’ll stop by.