ck_rp_octavarium6: my first map re-release

I decided to re-release my first map, so all of you can share in the nostalgia with me (that, and I think the old thread got deleted in a forum migration LONG ago.) All of you have license to do whatever you want to this map, take content from it, etc.


This is the re-release of ck_rp_octavarium6. I’ve had this sitting in my backups for at least four years, waiting to see the light of day.
This was released in 2006 originally. It’s my first complete map, the crappiest piece of garbage you ever did see, but hopefully someone will enjoy it. It was built for the episode 1 engine (I think.)


The original readme follows:

The remains of a desert outpost. It seems that many groups of people have come and gone over the years.
Your pack of travelers has discovered the tower called “Home,” which you intend to make your permanent residence. However, things are not entirely as they seem…

I’d very much like suggestions for the next version of this map. The Home tower is going to be rebuilt, filled with more rooms inside, with whatever you guys want to have in there. Please give me suggestions on what kinds of structures or toys you’d like to see in the next version.

Credits to HXRMN for the realistic lightsaber prefab

Textures (also zipped with BSP): <TBA>

Gorgeous, optimized displacement sand dunes and 3D skybox
Lots of destructibles
Airship landing pad
Wall tower hideouts
3 houses (one is furnished)
2 apartment complexes (one room per complex is furnished)
A big puddle
Outside of hidden sections “nodrawn”

Four dune speeders (suped up airboats)
Four “realistic” lightsabers
A music box with 19 songs
Lots and lots of guns
An eight-way teleporter (eight physboxes determine the destinations)
Lockable inner door and an outside door key-lock system
Three airship hulls (with cockpit that turns on outside lighting)

Police Department
Eight phyzsbox cameras & four portable monitors
Eight prison doors only openable from the outside

Express pickup/dropoff lane
Secure elevator shaft
Maintenance access
Board Room
Underground vault with dual key-lock systems
Currency spawner, paintings, diamond grail

Underground Cavern
The Barrel Gun (shoots up to 20 explosive barrels at high velocity. E to fire, pick up with physcannon.)
Home Tower
Spire Sword (five bladed light saber, E to activate, pick up with physcannon.)
4 double bladed lightsabers
Admin Room
Controls for Home’s rings
Big Screen Monitor baby (round blue button activates)
Switches for the four towers
A lockdown switch and a destructible respawner
controls for the cameras
Prison door controllers
Barrelgun and Spiresword suppressor
Ring teleporter control w/ lockdown switch

Known issues:
I messed up a spiresword sprite (next release I’ll fix it.)
Purple speeder drifts left.
Airship hulls fade with distance.
Bank area is not sealed.



Really really really blocky.
What’s up with the textures all stretched?
It looks like not very much effort was put into this at all.

Outside is OK, but it is pretty dull.

And why is there dx7 water? The map looks alright in the images, but the water looks horrific.

You used fit, didn’t you.

By the looks of those vehicles, he is on DX7 :barf:

I nostalgia’d

Many thanks!

What’s different from the original release?

Oh my god, I remember playing on this map. I will re-download it for the nostalgia, thank you.

I was looking for this recently, so thanks for the re-release.

An ep2 engine remake with better textures would be nice though.

Word, but I have zero time right now. I have a list for version 7:

  • I rebuilt Home Tower in a more vis-friendly manner, originally for an early blitzball map. Need to add it in (Rooms inside, you can walk in the upper levels too!
  • Tent camps.
  • Replace all the displacements with better, smoother ones. Use a normal sand texture.
  • Improve custom textures (emblems, symbols, writing, etc.) Add newer custom textures. Update works of art because, well, posters hardly qualify.
  • Improve bank keys using battery puzzle tutorial
  • Re-texture existing houses
  • More toys to play with (working on a “parent trap”, and some other prefabs…)
  • Custom texture for the moon?
  • Will release a prefab pack alongside it for lightsabers, teleporters, etc.
  • Custom models for the spiresword, barrelgun, bank keys (you’ll see!)
  • More airspace
  • Improve building architecture
  • Greenery!

Gm_ForbiddenForest first, then Gm_Blitzball_v2, then this.

water looks like blue paper

This was one of the first maps that I ever played and thought ‘wow, this map really stands out from all the rest’ (in a really really good way). It’s good to see it here again :slight_smile:

holy crap, the old domokun bed skin

In the corner of that pic you can see Garry’s Mod 9.
Maybe he was back then but not anymore?

Yeah, old screenshots. Water’s fine now. Domo-kun skin doesn’t really work now, and the sand tex needs replacing :frowning: I released it exactly as-is, its not even a recompile. Someday…

looks good i’m going to try it chrisknyfe
also could we get a vmf of this map?

I think I remember this map!
If my memory isn’t being all … Something…
This map was/is awesome!

VMF’s in the download. Have at it!

Well im downloading this, its his first map and looks blocky and empty but i’ll dl this. :stuck_out_tongue: