Cl_Init.lua not recognized as existing

As soon as I join my TTT server, which is running the terrortown gamemode, I get a message saying “Too many Lua errors! Sorry!”

This is what my server command line says:

Couldn't include file 'terrortown\gamemode\cl_init.lua' (File not found) (<nowhere>)

Couldn't Load Init Script: 'terrortown/gamemode/cl_init.lua'

Dropped username from server ("Too many Lua errors! Sorry!")

I went into my gamemode folder and the cl_init.lua is there. Why isn’t it being recognized?

  1. Perhaps update if this is not already the latest version…

  2. Check in the Shared.lua, and if is added to AddCSFile(“filehere.lua”)

Where should I put it in the shared.lua? I searched for AddCSFile and nothing came up

It’s AddCSLuaFile.

Which shared.lua is it? I searched for it in the terrortown\gamemode one but to no avail

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The only mention of AddCSLuaFile is in my send.txt in the lua folder. The line is:

# A list of files that need to be sent to the client, but we're too lazy to AddCSLuaFile

This problem is still persisting despite trying to update, any suggestions?

I don’t know if this coincidence or not, but I started having the exact same problem. I’ve been doing some updates to my server but as soon as I change a single character of my cl_init.lua, it throws this error to clients and breaks the gamemode. Earlier yesterday I was working on the same update without any issues at all. Luckily I have back-ups and using the content from a few days ago works fine- but this is incredibly bizarre…

I’m trying to find exactly where the issue is and verifying if we’re even having the same issue. But considering this was working fine before, there might be more at play.


So my problem was I was changing my sv_downloadurl and accidentally had an older copy which screwed things up. The only way I fixed it was by copying my current server files and just replacing some of the files with the test assets I was working on… probably doesn’t help you out at all. But incase you have a back-up, you might want to utilize it.

I downloaded totally new files, still getting the same issue. I’m really lost on what to do here. I have no backups, since this is the first time I’m setting the server up.