cl_init.lua not sending to client?

I have an entity, a coin entity. It renders fine when I have cl_init.lua, but when I remove the file from my garrysmod folder and join a server running my gamemode the coin model does not show. I do have AddCSLuaFile(“cl_init.lua”) in the init.lua of the entity. The entity is actually there and works as it should when it’s touched, you can even see it’s shadow.

Does the server have the model?

It’s a HL2 soda can model and I used [Entity:SetModelScale()]( to make it look like a coin, along with color and material.

I should post the code use to define the SENT.
You’re probably missing something really simple which will be difficult to diagnose without seeing how it’s put together.

shared.lua ]( *init.lua* [
cl_init.lua ```

Is your cam.Start3D definitely pointing at the ent?

That would be my guess.

Well it works fine when I have all of the gamemode’s lua files on my client. But when I remove them and download the lua files from the server then it doesn’t show.

Why aren’t you just setting the entity’s position above the ground?

I’m not really sure how to do that. I want it to smoothly float above the ground.

Take a look at hoverballs, maybe?

Well I tried removing the cam.Start3D but it still isn’t working. Here is the complete gamemode that is on the server:

The server I was testing on had a bunch of addons and admin stuff, I asked if he would remove that stuff to see if possibly something was conflicting, but it still isn’t rendering.