cl_inti.lua read error

i have a problem when i try my gamemode in a single player map. I changed the walking speed to 1600. Now i do know that the server side cannot load client side scripts, so i was wondering if this will work for the players on my server. Thanks in advance

If you are asking that:

“if you change the walkspeed in your gamemode and you play it in multiplayer that all players will have the same speed”

then yes, they will

sorry what i wrote was kind of confusing.

I meant to ask is

i changed the walkspeed in cl_init.lua i understand that the server cannot read cl_inti.lua so it gives me an error in the console saying it could not be read.and will the walk speed effect the clients?

Walkspeeds are server-side afaik.

You have to put it in init.lua