Claiming to be dev

Hello this one guy came on today claiming to be a dev, i am curious to how much freedom the devs have to e.g give out their identity ingame et.c or are they playing just like any other normal players?

Well, for all we know, Garry logs in under dummy stealth accounts to see who’s the asshole who thinks the devs aren’t looking… but AFAIK they log onto accounts clearly named after them.

However, this is another consequence of the renaming feature. I wonder if Garry/devs think it’s a good idea to allow themselves to be impersonated as well (or if this is possible, I’m assuming it is but I haven’t seen the code so fuck I know).

If it was a normal player who had a dev’s name he will most likely be banned

Well someone logged on claiming to be a dev im curious if they are allowed to tell us that they are ingame.

I’m 99% sure they make it very obvious that they’re the devs, and I don’t even have a Rust key.

Impersonation is allowed.

devs have a white name when you see them in game and when they write something in chat its red :slight_smile:

can anyone confirm this?

It’s not true.

I’ve seen Garry, Pat & Helk write in chat numorous of times. - Yes the real ones.

funny how a dev teleported to us yesterday, had a white name and red text in chat. he was part of the coder team.

We don’t have anything to differentiate ourselves in chat IIRC

maybe somebody figured out color codes for the chat

Yeah, garry looks after the game. I just now realized why 3 servers is enough.

his name was white, his chat was red and he said he was part of the code team so idk

In the US server Pat and Helk said in chat they want to play the game as a “normal” person without Mod powers… Not sure if they use random names… not sure if garry did it aswell so :smiley:

I do remember seeing a white name.

But AFAIK if someone is impersonating the devs, they get banned.

I saw someone with a white name and red text yesterday posting on the EU server saying like “Dev here, whats going on?”-something ish…

Helk, Pat, Garri > Look over the names so people can’t make code to change color.

Impersonating other players != impersonating the developers to lie to people

I doubt any rules will be set up, or anybody will be banned for anything but hacking/inactivity until the game is closer to release.

Also, nice profile picture