Claims of No-Clip Hacking on a VAC Server? Possible?

I’ve been playing a game mode on a VAC secure server, and people are claiming that someone is using no clip hacks, others say they don’t exist, and this doesn’t happen when the admin is on. Are these people just making excuses for losing? also some of the people are using just a space as their name, or even taking the names of other actively playing players, so they’ll be two “josh” as a example (no one on the server is named josh, just using josh as a proxy name for example). This is annoying, all these people are whinning and this doesn’t happen when the admin is on. I’m just waiting for it to all blow over. It makes me want to never go back on that server… ARGH!

Are you aware that noclip is a built-in feature to the game Garry’s Mod, to which can be accessed by tapping the ‘v’ key on your keyboard, between ‘c’ and ‘b’?

I think he means bypassing any attempt to block noclip from them (Like being able to noclip if sbox_noclip 0 is inputted)

Meh, usually people call hacks if they are being beaten, it’s a defense mechanism to make it look like you are being unfairly played against. Besides, I’m sure there are noclip hacks out there, but it’s not like I’m gonna look them up myself.

It’s an exploit if you’re on a build server, and there’s a way to block it (either disable vehicles or find a lua script)

I mean when people are using noclip when its being blocked, but what im asking is if its more likely that theyre hack or the others are just making excuses?

You can’t “hack” noclip. You can freeze in mid air though, are you sure that isn’t what’s happening?

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If it is it could be some of my users :v:

FapHack or ColdFire?

ColdFire - unless FapHack users have decided to start writing modules.

ColdFire is actually being sold?

10 copies so far. Basically selling my soul, but times are harsh.