Corporate or colonial
The movement is unstoppable
Like the body of a centerfold it spreads
To the counter-culture copyright
Get your revolution at a lower price
Or make believe and throw the fight, play dead
It’s exploding bags, aerosol cans
Southbound buses, Peter Pan
They left it up to us again
I thought you knew the drill
It’s kill or be killed

Future markets, holy wars
Been tried ten thousand times before
If you think that God is keeping score, hooray!
For the freedom-fighting simulcast (Victory! A defeat! Victory!)
The imminent and the aftermath
Draw another bloody bath to drain
Like the polar icecaps centrifuge (Oh Allah! Oh Jesus please!)
First snowman built at the end of June
He slicks his hair for the interview, his fifteen-minute fame
Would you agree times have changed?


I really like this


Looks pretty good, I don’t like the beard though. Looks a little off to me.

Also, the fusion of Sepia tone and color was not meant to be.

Amazing. This is just incredible.

The detail on the stubble is amazing.

In fact, everything is amazing.

[Our] Left bit of the chin seems off to me. But that is just me, literally; neat picture.

Thanks all for the comments! More to come soon

Can’t wait!

this is one of the best pictures I’ve seen on here in a while, defiantly one of the more original, great job!

this is great

Epic work.

Such a beatiful picture. I’m looking at it somewhere about ten minutes.


This is good stuff.

This is fucking amazing. Brilliant work.

This is pure win my good sir. This makes me think of Deus Ex, somehow. And I want to see more of it. Your work is cocaine. I need it. Please. C’mon man.

Kane and Lynch : Dog Days someone ?

wow… this looks kinda like that resident evil degeneration movie… Skillz mate! love it…

Beauitiful. Any chance of a tutorial?