Clairvoyant - A sci-fi roleplay, where you write the lore.

*Welcome to Elyria, the newest planet to be terraformed by the MWC. The colonists are eager to strike it rich, frantically starting mines and colonies on the planets surface. The government has hired an outside Private Military to guarantee the colonists safety.
At this point, anything can, and will happen.

*Lore System
You may be wondering, what does this guy mean by ‘you write the lore’? If you have an idea for a race, item, planet, well. Anything at all. You just have to post it in our lore section in the forums, and if the community doesn’t shun you for it it’s official lore.

Injury System
When you’re shot and killed OOCly, you are “majorly injured”. Near the brink of death. Someone has to bring you back through medical RP. If you’re not brought back, or are double tapped. You’re dead for good. At least until the map is switched. If you’re skimmed with a bullet, it is a “minor injury”. By minor, I mean a bullet in the arm you’re not holding your gun with. (PKs are VERY rare. They only happen in cases where there is NO possibility at all for being revived. Meaning if your entire body was launched into space, into a sun. Causing it to be burnt up down to just nothing.)

Combat System
When you engage someone in a chase, and begin flinging bullets. An admin will watch, making sure no one is cheating. They will also /event for you anything major happening. Be it your jeep crashing into a car, or your rocket just happening to hit a shuttle flying past.

So you decided to become a psychopath murder? Well, you’ll get a price on your head. This price will slowly increase as you cause more chaos. Anyone can collect this bounty. You can’t be brought back to life if you have a bounty. . This includes by clones. Your body will be fully destroyed for being a menace to society.

We’re running Tiramisu as our script. It’s pretty fancy for this type of roleplay.

Custom models
If you want a custom model added, you’re going to have to either have it be an item that’s going to be majorly used, or donate if it’s just for you.


The IP for the server is . I hope to see you on.

Oh, and the forums link:

Please point out any errors in the post, I was making it while distracted.

Please post some picture becouse if you don’t do it , the people don’t realy whant to join !

There we go. Enjoy my only picture. I was too busy getting shot at to post anything else.

Seeing as I’ve already played on servers you’ve hosted. I have a couple things to say:

  1. Three guys in GMan suits and gasmasks, why?
  2. Make a better advertisement please, use [release] tags and have more images, use [img_thumb] if you have a bunch.
  3. I may try this out if I don’t get randomly shot at.
  1. Everyone can get suits. It’s coded into the script. You can splice models using any limb. It’s one of the bounty hunter groups.
  2. The tag selection doesn’t matter at all.
  3. You don’t get randomly shot at. It’s serious roleplay, but recently there’s been a ton of shooting due to a few people trying to start a revolution.

and I haven’t ran a server that has gone up before besides this one. What.

oh and i used [media] tags, but it fucked up and didn’t work. what the hell.

Also, if you have to question peoples characters to RP, you’re not going to fit in here. It’s all about creative freedom. Not about questioning the tiny details.(not saying you are though. <3)

This looks like a good server. I like the idea of lore and events that are player (non admin) created, such as a revolution.

The funny part is, we almost had a revolution. But since we are kind of experimenting with how combat will work, we had some problems on figuring out what was going on. Then all of a sudden everyone agreed to cease fire.

Did I mention you can actually effect major factions, and maybe even overthrow them? And that events are actions the players do, not just random ideas admin have? Amazing, right?

I think I’m falling in love…
joining right now.

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A great RP server, original story, good RPers, just make sure to download the content pack and maps!

I’m glad to see the ideas I had for Luxroz Roleplay coming to life through something much better planned and executed. Although my original plan was to have the players make all the aspects of the storyline, this is probably a better way of doing it.

It’s pretty much exactly that. It’s just, if you don’t have a base, no one knows what to do with it. The only problem is that two parts of the community are majorly different. PMCs are pretty much SSTRP, while other parts are passive. Then there’s the bounty hunters VS other players doing stupid shit(non-passive against other players) That might be a GOOD thing though.

This is totally awesome. In depth in game and on the forums.

Personally, I feel that the lore should be verified by admins before posting, but the system seems to work fairly well.


Also, if it matters at all, I got a recommendation/suggestion for this server from Psyche.

I tried this yesterday (Max Anderson was the name of my character) and I must say that the roleplaying was really enjoyable.

I like the idea of allowing players to “change” the lore around the theme. Very interesting.

Tried it, seems interesting enough. Could use more stuff to do for the newer players though, I suppose. Because stuff is always good.

Go on the forums and start or apply for something.

You shouldn’t have to apply to have something to do, oppertunities to RP should be openly available for anyone, not just factions. If RP existed exclusively for factions, then that would be a downer for any newer players, this is something I’m going to try and correct, more events for those not in factions, and more things to discuss ICly.

I am so bored. There has been no one on the server for 2 weeks. I miss my roleplay.