Clan & Claim system ?

Garry… my friend… ^^

did you wanna make a clan system or anything in this side in the future ?

that can be stop the grief, if you claim your foundation, only your clan can build on it, and you just add a new gender of item, type siege gear… barricade and more…

Actually im a member of the french clan “l’Arche” we are 8 and door is a true prob .

a claim system can be a good feature to stop the wave of free grieffer .

I don’t understand how a claim system could stop Grief Please Explain

This doesn’t make much sense other than the part about claiming a foundation.

But why would you want to manually claim your foundations? I understand that if only YOU could build on a claimed foundation it might not be something you want to do for obvious reasons.

The rest is all gibberish.

If doors are a “true problem”, could you explain why?

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I think he means that people won’t kill you, break your sleeping bag, and take over your house by replacing all of your doors.

that can be managed by point, when you die you loose point, and this point regenerate when you survive … at 0 you loose your claim, minecraft faction have a similar system

who have never look a naked coming to build a fondaction + 2 pillar + 3 wall and 1 celing, just… for grief you beacose you dont wanna loose in pvp .

after all that is an idee :wink:

OK, now I’m lost…

But that’s the point of Rust isn’t it? To survive and a big part of surviving is to take out the competitors and the best way to do that is to take out their base.

I didn’t say I agree with the guy, I’m just trying to figure out what the fuck he’s talking about.

Isn’t everyone in this thread trying to? Lol but if that is what he means then there ya go.

The only idea I would have for a ‘claim’ system would be to have some sort of list for building materials where you can add players to it so they can build on your buildings… or you could just add them to some sort of list like ‘Players allowed to interact with my buildings’. Of course, this would only cover building on it, and would not protect you from random players destroying your buildings.

idk what most of what he said is about, but I do the agree with the door issue. I hope to see a group feature or something that when you are a part of a group you can access eachothers doors, right now its a pain the you know what having to make tons of entrances just so your group can get into on building.

yep, but the prob … when you kill the owner, and when he abandoned the house, you cannot take the house for your self

i trying to explain my mind again ^^ sry for my poor english ^^

the player have 10 claim point .
when he die he loose 1 claim point .
when he wait 1 hours he gain 1 claim point .
when claim point score going to 0 the player loose the claim .

I just thought about a great door fix. You can give your friends a Rust key to your house. All you need is the power to change your locks and bam!