Clan clothes?

I do not doubt for a second people have requested some way to identify people from their clan, I searched but coulnd’t find a dev post on this… My suggestion is an arm band that can be crafted and coloured, either to identify yourself or identify a whole clan.

Great idea!

That is a good idea. Also sounds like a great way to infiltrate a clan :).

Yes, that is the one down side i thought how do you keep people from abusing it…but, its suppose to be survival. if you can be crafty you deserve to live.

Anyway to get more support for this, although devs are probably way ahead.

this would kinda cause confusion for clans and other things(dont get me wrong i like these ideas)
1.someone can easily change their hand symbol to a HUGE clan on a server and also change their IGN
2.people will put on dicks

Im honestly surprised there arn’t more giant male body part monuments…

there are, mostly on 50+ servers…shudders

You could say the 50+ servers got…

Balls of Steel

I don’t get it… balls of wood maybe? IDK

Maybe make custom clan emblems?

And make stencils to put on walls or clothing?

Very abusable, but some feature that allows others to identify other clan members would be a fantastic addition.