Clan domination on server

From last server cycle I have started to experience clan domination on my server. There was 2 big groups of almost 30 members each nad it was terrible. Right now I have limited clans to a group of 5 members and removed any advantages for them like friendly fire or anything. I managed to convince 1 clan to calm down but there is now 6 clans and they are all together it is a group of over 20 members that dominate. Note that I run modded server with 70 slots. Problem is that there is nothing much I can do about but that domination kill the server because they constantly raid players and most of them rage quit at the end.

I really don’t have any ideas what could I do to avoid players making huge groups because it unbalances server a lot.

For now it is not that bad, I have good population but I don’t want things like that to go out of control.

This may seem harsh, but in the end it is your server and you can remove anyone you deem a problem.

Just ban the leader. Then the clan will either fall apart or they’ll all leave your server.

Just ban them, don’t feel bad about it, it is your server, you pay the bill. Clans of that size just ruin the rust experience for new players

+30 clan on a 70 slot server is the saddest thing to be seen.

I dont know why someone join a 30+ clan. You are just a bimbo in such big clans.

honestly its funny to play in big clans since shit does happen, youre about the first people which will have proper gear, We were playing once on a big vanilla server with about 18 players had 3 quarrys running and raided the other 2 big clans.

but the point is we did that on a 300+ server not on 70 slot server where youre clan is about 50% of the population

this. i don’t think the problem is the size of the clan, but the size of the clan compared to the number of slots. i suppose if the clan is more like a militia running in line with the servers customs/rules, then maybe it can be a balancing force; but if it’s not doing what it needs to for the server to be a fun/productive place, then just ban anyone with their tag.