Clan [HOTEL] Requesting guards!

Admins, i am not sure if im allowed to post this kind of thread. i see other people do it so yolo

Hi! i am making a clan called [HOTEL] we will make a hotel on which ever server is decided for all sleepers! we will have a huge amount of people to help out and im sure alot of people will
agree to help defend as this will be the very first hotel in rust!

If you are intrested, add me on skype, Bangthefishdied

Skyped you, not sure which it was.

My current skype picture is of a green iguana :zoid:

What server is this on?

I would like to raid, cough, COUGH help make the place very secure. :zoid:

You’re going to paint a very big target on yourself.

Should be fun.

Infiltration incoming…

i sent you a request on skype(Andrew), this is a step in the new direction of Rust

for this to work u need to have a clan not randoms applying to be “guard” for just that purpose ofc you going to have people betray u then…

I made a hotel before rust had sleepers. It’s been done before

just because you made some rooms doesnt mean it was a hotel :zoid:

We’re going to set up on East right now.