Clan looking for active members!

Hi! if you are looking for a clan that already has some active players and a base formed feel free to message me the answers to the next questions:
Do you have a mic?
How many hours do you have on rust?
Have you been in a clan before?
What’s ure gender?
What’s ure age?

And i’ll decide if you’re going to get an interviw to join our clan!
Info’s about us:
Name: One Up
Tag: [1UP]
Speaking on: Skype
Members: 4 active roumanians and 2 other inactive roumanians. We accept players from everywhere but they need to know to speak english fluently!
Hours we are usually active: 6-12 PM GMT+3 and in the week-ends all day long

Thank you for your time and i hope that i posted in the right section!