Clan Panel

Add a clan panel to rust so people can manage their clan members easily.

yes sir, right away sir!

To expand on that, I believe there should be a way to manage friends and clan members and be able to see their names from a much further distance. Also controlling who can open what doors, like all clan members can open this door, certain friends this one etc. Another thing would be a blacklist so when you get close enough to see their name it shows up in red so you can remember who has wronged you etc.

I don’t see the point in suggesting it though, they are bound to do some variation of it. Just my thought on it.

No,No,No…No clan panel…No…No…No.

Tribe panel

Yeah and lets get call packages and kill streaks…

Yeah cause that totally relates to call of duty.

pretty much one step away.

Instead of throwing out common counter arguements like “DUR WE COD NOW xDD” Explain to me why letting certain people open your door is a bad idea.

I wasn’t referring to that part, more towards the names flashing up in GREEN or RED for enemies or friendlies, I think should stay very basic and difficult.

Well once they add dyes to clothing i guess it wouldn’t be an issue