Clan Recruitment ~~ 15+ ~~ RUST ~~Must Have Mic

We will be recruiting clan Members for our new clan on Rust!
Rules and guidelines are pretty simple.
•You must have a headset/mic
•You have respect clan leaders
•Have common sense! :smiley:

If you are interested in joining the Clan please write below your steam IGN:
and we will be sure to get back with you via. steam message.
Clan name is currently SmileyFalls

Server Region: United States East

Steam Group PageSteam group page-

Current amount of Clan Members

We hope to be gaming with you soon!
Thank you

What server region will you be playing on?

US East-ish

Taken into consideration. :smiley:


Heya chris,

I’m interested in joining your group, Steam name is: DefeatNemesis

Hey how ya doing,

I too am interested in joining your group! My steam name is: BiggzFTW


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Gday im from sydney australia and im keen to join your group name: corporalteeebag


I’m kinda searching a clan for a while… hope this will pe a good one :smiley:
Steam Name: BadGuy

I would like to join, but consider that i’m argentinian.

Add on steam if you want.

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I would like to join. IGN: Witno