Clan Still Alive on EU servers (United Kingdom atm)

We are a group of danish players. We have settled on server UK for the time being.

We are a friendly clan that believe in good neighbourship. We are not looking for new clan members but we are looking for other clans to be friends with.

Are you tired of clan AQ or clan BAM burning your cities to the ground? Taking all your hard owned loot? Then join our forces and let us grow stronger together!

Our clan tag is [STIL]. Feel free to whiper us ingame or even better: contact us here:

BR [Stil]Spec Ops

BAM are the nicest sexiest people i know!

You must be wrong man

Its not what I read in the chat. Please prove me wrong.

Why AQ. We are like the nicest people on the server.

here look. Footage of us patroling the lands and making sure that the citizens are safe.

I know for a fact that AQ are bandits to the bone… you guys are in our village every night! Raping and looting!

You’re obviously confused. We would never do such a thing.

Then join over community and prove yourselfs.

Why would our community that has been together for years join yours to prove something?